How   To Add    Beads

You or the client will apply the beads to the slyders in whatever pattern they would like to have on their hair, leaving 1/2 inch at the top.



Place the end of the braid in the opening of the slyder and flip the hair over the slyder holding it with the pointer finger and thumb.

Use the opposite hand to slide the beads upward onto the hair.



Slide the very last bead down towards the end of the hair and flip the end of that hair over the bead the same way you flipped it over the slyder.

Holding the hair over the  bead with your pointer finger and thumb, take a small rubber band and twist it around the hair until it's secure. All Done!



The slyder does not come with beads. Please keep all beads away from children. We are not responsible for the misuse, or accidental insertions of your beads.

It's so easy even a 3yr old can bead their own patterns for their hair. Easily switch the beads out for different holidays, birthdays, etc.